TRX(TRC20) Quick Exchange – Self-service Transaction

TT跨链闪兑、TRX自助兑换 TRON TRX交易平台 |跨链多币种兑换

Transfer USDT (TRC20) to the address below, and it will be automatically transferred to TRX within 10 seconds.

👇Copy the address (look for the last 6 and 9)

‼ ️Please check the exchange address before transferring money


End【 gC999999 】


📣Transfer U to get TRX back, fully automatically redeem TRX

❗️ Starting from 5U, only supports TRC20-USDT

🚫Please do not use exchanges to transfer money, you will be responsible for any loss.

⚠️By default, TRX will be returned to the original payment address.

👩‍💻 @trontrxio (24 hours customer service)

If you are willing to accept slower speeds and better exchange rates, or need to exchange for other currencies, please click here